What is an open MRI?

Open field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technology that creates precise images of your organs and tissues using a magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves. The open MRI is a big, closed, donut-shaped ring patients travel through for the exam. The top and bottom regions of open MRI scanners contain two flat magnets with ample space to accommodate the patient. Because the patient is not entirely confined, the open space in between typically alleviates pain, anxiety, or claustrophobia. This design generates high-quality images while allowing for maximum comfort. During the scan, the closed MRI envelops the patients. The tiny bore tube (typically only 60 cm) can convey the sense of being “buried alive” in the enclosure. MRI scans might last anything from 40 minutes to two hours.

Open MRI option

An open MRI may be the best option for balancing imaging requirements with patient comfort. The open field MRI technology allows operators to tilt them; many open MRI systems have a weight-bearing capability that enables the technician to tilt the machine and scan you standing up rather than lying flat. This tilting function aids in accurately diagnosing certain diseases and ailments such as spinal injury and back discomfort. They are also quieter, more sophisticated, and child-friendly than a closed MRI scan. MRI open scan concepts also encourage equity; if you are physically disadvantaged or confined to a wheelchair, you may feel even more alienated if you cannot use a closed scanner properly. An open MRI machine allows the transportation of a wheelchair to run more comfortably and smoothly.

Disadvantages of open MRI

In addition, although the 0pen MRI can’t take images of specific body locations due to its design, and the images are of inferior quality compared to a closed MRI,  the open MRI scan isn’t as powerful as the closed. This lower quality image may result in misunderstanding of a diagnosis or treatment.Your doctor will provide a medical opinion regarding which medical technology device better suits your case.

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